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Clocks speak to relationships in a similar sentiment. The clock represents the movement of time, and with time comes good times, change, and challenge. The clock is another reminder to spend time nurturing your relationship for the years to come.

Buying some stationary or a wall clock might seem simple enough, but the nuance is what will set your gift apart.

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10 and I don't know what to get or do for her yet.

I have some ideas and have already done some of the basics for her B-day and other events (such as: a photo album).

Putting some extra thought and symbolism into a one-year anniversary gift isn’t a bad idea.

Traditionally, the first year is marked with paper. When the first wedding anniversary approaches, many couples are still in the honeymoon phase and may not have encountered the difficult ebbs and flows that come with marriage.

Take care of the paper, and it will maintain a story for a lifetime.