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Amidst the various forms of electronic literature stands a class of interactive programs that simulates human conversation.

A chatbot, or chatterbot, is a program with which users can “speak,” typically by exchanging text through an instant-messaging style interface.

Back in June, Burberry’s Senior Vice President of IT explained how the company sees chatbots fitting into their business strategy: “Areas we are looking at include: chatbots in service functions, proactive IT operations, insight from pattern recognition, automated and scenario modeling for planning & logistics, and security & fraud prevention.” Burberry’s chatbot is more interactive than other brands’ bots and asks fans to finish a maze resulting in access to an exclusive show space.

Users can also view behind the scenes pencil etchings and catch a glimpse of “Orlando”, the inspiring story behind the collection.

They have developers working to produce creative and useful bots tailored specifically for their users, inspired especially by the recent announcement of a series of grants totalling $1 million to fund projects and ideas.