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Eve Oh, been tryin' to let it go Tryin' to keep my…All I Have I feel so unsure trembling you open ur door Your eyes…All I Need In my heart, you're all I need You are all I…All Roads When I least expect it The unexpected When I wasn't lookin…Can We Go Let me sit down and tell you how this thing…Can't Let Go Yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Oh oh Whoa yeah I…Come With Me Look, you don't have to take this You can come with…Crazy Wonderful You're so sexy Heaven help me please I need to get my…Crush It's hard for me to say this, But I got…Dangerous (Whatcha doin' to me) I guess I'm a tell you Don't know…Dear John Dear john Right now you are probably wondering Where I am…Different People Don't say that you care And tell me how I should…Falling Can I give you my trust?I'm falling Can I give you…Float I cant explain it The way you make me feel The way…Fly Like Me I've given up on love But I gave up on the…Forecast Every single morning I look at my window pane I want it…Get Gone (Chorus) When it's over and you know it There's no use of…Got To Be There But don't be unkind It don't mean I'm lyin' When you and…Gotta Work [Chorus] Sometimes it's gonna be days like this Sometimes …Hate2Love U You make me feel real good But it's to good to…Hatin on You Funny how it's hard to find the words sometimes you…Heard A-a merie, ah ah A-a merie,ah ah ah ah ah ah…Heard 'Em All Remix Le me freshen up, OK, I just want to love every girl…Heard Em All A-a merie, ah ah A-a merie,ah ah ah ah ah ah…Higher Higher Hey, Hey When I was younger girl nobody told me…I Just Died Staring in the mirror as I Start to carefully contemplate …I'm Coming Out I'm coming out I'm coming I'm coming out I'm coming out …Just Like Me I've given up on love But I gave up on the…Like It Used To Be Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, …Losing U For all nations New combination DJ Kore Phoenix EMC And t…Make Me Believe Other guys try to hold her hand Other guys want a…Man Up (feat.Can it be wrong to miss the way you used to kiss me? 'Cause I remember when you said [Trey Songz:] Right from the door, said can we talk?

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So far from the start [Amerie:] Let's cut straight to the point [Trey Songz:] Baby you know with me is where you belong [Amerie:] Pretty brown eyes!

You know, I need you That's why I keep holding on, I can't let go I hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, I Keep holding on after all your rejections 'Cause I don't wanna let go, but you should know I'll move on, I'll move on, I'll move on Pretty Brown Eyes!

I'm an 80's baby and this remake messed up my old school memories.... amerie is slept on, she has great talent and has that 90's r&b feel. I just hear a sample of the original which I LOVE but with a more hiphop groove direction. I like how the beat was changed a lil bit to make it more modern and the flow of the song is great. Tory Lanez Explains Dropping $35K In Store He Claims Racially Profiled Him Jenna Frumes Gets Petty AF With Antonio Brown» Shaq Revealed His Feet Last Night.

I like trey songz and amerie is beautiful but that song is a classic so 2 thumbs down..... good job here, and i don't think this was supposed to be any type of remake so stop judging it against the original I have to agree with the other posters, this is more of a sample, not a remake. Both Amerie and Trey are good song writers and those skills flowed well on this song. I guess this should be called a sample rather than a remake. The World Is Now Collectively Shook.» DO WE BELIEVE IT?!

[Trey Songz:] So let's go, let me know You know where you belong What's the hold?