Ariel lin dating

In a twist that should delight this chick flick’s target audiences, Lala soon finds new sparks in her professional and private lives: after she’s given a precious chance to impress in her supervisor’s sudden enforced absence, Lala is also seriously courted by the wealthy bachelor (Chen Bo-lin) who’s negotiating to join her company as a major business partner.Although none of these come across as believable – not least the part where Lala misrepresents herself as the company VP for weeks on end – is still a fairly serviceable watch for its lead actress’ endearing turn.I have seen many blogs about favourite kdrama couples but I haven't seen any on Taiwanese drama couples.

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In a role that calls for ridicule, Lin maintains a dignified air that nearly turns the whole shebang into a serene meditation on romantic ideals.

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Ariel changed into three different gowns for the night and was unable to stop smiling during the entire banquet.

Dating Charles for over two years, Ariel maintained a very low-key relationship with her boyfriend prior to announcing their engagement this year.

The friendship was so real , it made really believe that falling in love with your best guy friend can actually work out Although I know this couple won't be happening in reality since Ariel Lin is now married ( so happy for her Love, now is a pretty long drama but its totallyy worth it.