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as follows: "We understand by this term works produced by persons unscathed by artistic culture, where mimicry plays little or no part (contrary to the activities of intellectuals).

These artists derive everything..their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art." , Roger Cardinal called it Outsider Art: "I believe that a paramount factor in the critical definition of the creative Outsider is that he or she should be possessed of an expressive impulse and should then externalize that impulse in an unmonitored way which defies conventional art-historical contextualization."Dubuffet and Cardinal were writing primarily about extremely marginalized European artists: psychotics, mediums, and eccentrics.

When I thought about the topic of research at the start of my master’s program, most associations I had were about quantitative research.

I imagined surveys and questionnaires…in general, methods that can turn the object of observation into a set of numbers.

These schools are experiencing severe funding cuts with art programs often slashed or even eliminated.