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She's refreshingly candid about her age and her looks."Getting older is inevitable," she writes, "People who say, 'Forty is the new thirty,' can suck it. She reveals that she went through a crippling depression following her divorce from Eddie, but she did her best to stay strong.

"I'll let you on a little secret: I..being alone," she writes.

And Really Old Tom Cruise running around with Girl Young Enough To REALLY Be His Granddaughter who is probably the love interest because that’s just how Hollywood rolls. This week’s guide discusses the possibility that the being you are dating could be, in fact, an Egyptian mummy. Some Egyptian mummies who have been raised from the dead can control zombie hordes. So if your boyfriend can control zombie hordes, he could be an Egyptian mummy. (That, and if there’s ten questions, then I can’t make this a top ten list.) 5.

August 17, 2010 at am (Top Ten) (Brendan Fraser, mummies, The Mummy, zombies) These days, it’s hard for girls to tell exactly what kind of mythical being they’re dating. You’ve had your suspicions, but how can you be sure? Maybe he’s wrapped in bandages because he’s a mummy and he’s trying to prevent the leakage of precious bodily fluids.

Their relationship did not go well thus the couple parted away. Here, learn about her marital life and divorce issues below.