Cbs rejects gay dating site dutch men dating

The gun nuts see it as their constitutional right to intimidate and frighten the public at large. Idiots don’t really understand what the Second Amendment means. Do you really believe two ugly cretins like those characters would suddenly start making out just because their hands touched in the chip bowl? Today’s news makes it sound as if Spyker will buy Saab after all. Clearly he’s relishing the opportunity to point out, yet again, the moronic decisions made by corporate types.

But even they probably won’t be able to manage to follow through on something as dumb as holding civil trials for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and some of his psychotic colleagues in […] After Obama’s SOTU speech last night, Queen Blinksalot, aka Nancy Pelosi, was as determined as ever do pass the Obamacare that nobody wants: “You go through the gate.

Emotional minors or the easily offended should close the window and never return. And just because I want to suppress more comments from looney-tune right wingers, let me urge you to go have both lunch and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen then stop by the nearest Peet’s for a coffee or three. The only ones cursed Pat, are those of us who have to live around people who put any stock in your delusional rantings. Try it with me now, “God, the Zeros sucked.” Tell all your friends.

I mean, what better way to fight corporate greed than by having my money taken from me and given to Michael Moore’s corporation so he can get rich exposing the evils of capitalism?

Moore’s anti-greed film takes […] Call me crazy, but I think we should be a little skeptical of a man who wants to blow up a good portion of the earth suddenly expressing concern for its well-being: CAIRO (AP) – Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden has called in a new audiotape for the world to boycott American goods and the […] It’s almost like the Obama administration is on “bad idea commission” and getting paid extra for every stupid idea they can come up with.

So what did Napolitano have […] CBS has approved the Tim Tebow pro-life ad for the Super Bowl, and rejected the ad for a gay dating site called “Man ” Look for this to be made into a political flap even though it’s clear that the latter was nothing more than a publicity stunt: CBS just rejected a Super Bowl ad from […] Via Newsbusters comes this hunk of hilarious Fox News paranoia from Robert Reich, liberal economist by day and lawn jockey by night who was Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton.