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Off the hook – cool, appealing, fresh, exceeding one’s expectations.

Se llama dude ranch a un rancho del oeste de Estados Unidos que se abre a los turistas para ofrecerles el sabor de la vida del oeste al aire libre.

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Many of these terms derive from a traveling showmen's slang called parlari or parlyari.

Parlari flows from many lands and seems to derive largely from Lingua Franca, a "pidgin" (a simplified informal spoken trade language, an admixture of other languages used between speakers of different tongues) used around the Mediterranean between sailors and traders from widely different language groups, the several parents of this language being Italian, French, Spanish, Occitan, Arabic, Greek and Turkish.

As in, “You’re bait blud” Bangin – sick/good Bare – a lot of, very.

Bars – a rap song, part of a song, as in “spit some bars” (to sing something) Bayden – rich, financially stable, solvent.

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