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Persecution did not begin with the Roman authorities. On July 19 that year a great fire engulfed much of Rome; only four of the fourteen quarters of the city escaped damage.

The New Testament writings tell of fratricidal strife between Jews and Christians, the latter challenging the Jews by claiming to be “the New Israel.” In the early chapters of Acts, Stephen () and James, the brother of John the disciple (12:2), became victims of the Jerusalem mob and of King Herod Agrippa, respectively. Suspicion immediately fell on Emperor Nero: was this a madcap way of clearing part of the city to make room for new, magnificent streets and buildings in his honor?

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A predatory site may end up using sensitive personal information for less than honest purposes.

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    While it’d be easy to think that the hardest thing about ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is learning how to tell your Argentine Tango from your Viennese Waltz, the celebs taking part face a much tougher task - avoiding the infamous ‘Strictly’ curse.

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    Just look on the right side of the Free Lifetime Bang payment page and read the text to find out that not only are you charged monthly membership fees on this site, but for other websites too.

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    Boston by all standards is a small town with world-wide appeal.

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    After cashing in on her showmance with Robert Pattinson, Stewart began dating Alicia and the two were photographed kissing and enjoying plenty of PDA.