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1, 2015 Courtesy of Wall Street Journal When Jeff Cohen was getting ready to meet his Ok Cupid date for drinks in Manhattan, he started to have second thoughts as he reread the glaring grammatical error in her last message: “I will see you their.”The date flopped for a couple of reasons, but bad grammar bothers Mr. Learning a potential mate doesn’t know the difference between “there,” “they’re” and “their” is like discovering she loves cats, he says. With crimes against grammar rising in the age of social media, some people are beginning to take action. For love, these folks say written communications matter, from the correct use of semicolons, to understanding the difference between its and it’s, and sentences built on proper parallel construction.“Grammar snobbery is one of the last permissible prejudices,” says John Mc Whorter, a linguistics professor at Columbia University.

“It’s like learning I’m going to sneeze every time I see her,” he says. Cohen joins a number of singles picky about the grammar gaffes they’re seeing on dating sites.

The principles of loving toughness are the same for those who are single as for those who have been married for decades.

There are circumstances, however, that are specific to the courtship period.

“The energy that used to go into open classism and racism now goes into disparaging people’s grammar.”Mr.