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Meet Me is a mobile application that lets you make contact with people who are close to you to help you chat with them, set up a meeting, and who knows what else.

Meet Me users can sign-up using Facebook or directly with the app.

Read our full interview below, or click here for our report on Badoo. We have completely rebuilt the app, created a new design identity for the brand, and analysed and reconsidered 11 years of experience in order to improve and optimise UX and simplify overcomplicated features.

Business Insider: Why don’t we start by talking through the new Badoo. Andrey Andreev: The new Badoo that you can see today is just a skeleton for a whole load of amazing, game-changing features that are coming live very soon. BI: My impression of Badoo has been that an overhaul like this has been due for a while. AA: You’re right, I’ve been thinking of redesigning Badoo for a while now.

Business Insider recently interviewed Andrey Andreev, the reclusive and publicity-shy CEO of dating app Badoo.

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