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Photos by Andy Jones Based: Banbury, Oxfordshire Members: 150 approx Formed: 1891 Meets: The Saturday ride is aimed at beginners and two rides are held on Sunday; 8.30am for faster riders and 10am at a medium pace.The club website has more details and information on the club’s varied racing activities.

For most people, the discovery of fossilised wood in a quarry would not be newsworthy.

However, some pieces recently found embedded in limestone alongside some well-known ‘index’ fossils (see aside below) for the ‘Jurassic period’ (supposedly 142–205.7 million years ago) have proved highly significant.

Banbury is home to the world's largest coffee-processing facility (Jacobs Douwe Egberts), built in 1964.

The town is famed for Banbury cakes – similar to Eccles cakes but oval in shape.

Sunday worship 10.30am and we meet at Broughton Hall, Banbury School, Ruskin Road, Banbury. People spend a great deal of time working but so few of us actually make our one time shot at life work for best.