Dating flowers

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When a date has gone incredibly well and the conversation has flowed freely; there were laughs a plenty and the two of you hit it off with such aplomb that you know you’re onto something good, then why not send her some flowers the next day?

Not only are you thanking her for her company and for a fun filled evening, but you are showing off your thoughtful side and she will be guaranteed to be thinking about you for the rest of that day, that week even and will be keen to get that crucial second date in the diary!

However, in this age of rising skepticism and declining chivalry, the act of sending flowers to a girl has raised some debate amongst many in the world of dating. To help gain some perspective, I present to you, the dueling bloggers:ost girls really don’t know what they want.

Of course, there are those that still wholly support this tradition and those that have written it off as a symbolic artifact. Even when they think they do it’s always left up to the man that sweeps them off with spontaneity and special little surprises that ends up with the winning hand.

Knowing “flower etiquette” is key, especially if you live in Russia.