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She's so stupid as to believe that a guy who killed a mother and her two kids was doing it out of self-defense, and she probably wants to be one of Niko's whores in actuality. No matter how many times he explained it to her, Kiki just seemed to be unable to comprehend the fact that she was the only girl he was seeing. A/N: I'm dating Kiki in the game..I've realized how FREAKIN' ANNOYING SHE IS. I bet your whores like them...""Do you say the same shit to your whores, too? ""I guess you can come over, once you finished up making love with all your whores..."Niko Bellic just couldn't take it anymore.

Below are the cheat codes for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Complete the Mission "Uncle Vlad": This worth 5 points.

At any time during the game, pull out Niko's phone and dial these numbers for the desired effect.

Click it and go to contact, then exit the internet cafe. Then return to the internet cafe and check your mail.

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