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Rather than just typing a quick Facebook wall post, why not call your high school BFFs or Skype them for a virtual coffee date every so often? Unless for some odd reason your bestie is 100 percent OK with it, even considering her ex automatically qualifies you as a bad friend. I love my friends, but sharing the same sex partner as them just doesn't strike me as a turn on. You've heard every terrible thing that they did to your best friend.This is a great thing because now you have a group of people to hang out with, study with, and enjoy all that college has to offer.

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After the burial, everyone goes from the cemetery to Harold and Sarah's vacation house, where they are invited to stay for the weekend.

Photo Credit Once you've managed to break out of your shell in college, you're undoubtedly going to find yourself with a whole new circle of friends.

For context, I have never been on a date with anyone I met online.

As a 20-year-old college senior, I in no way claim to be an expert in anything love, sex or relationship-related.

It can be so easy to brush off your old friends for plans with your new ones.