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In business applications, the emphasis on gaming the behavior of opponents was reduced (shifting more toward a game against nature).

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And have you heard the story about the girl who navigated the whole start-of-a-relationship phase without consulting anyone? OK, to be fair there are some girls who are unfazed by the games guys play when it comes to our hearts, but more often than not it's a confusing time that leaves girls with more questions than answers. After a day, if you text again and get no reply, then you did in fact get your reply.

If he randomly texts you here and there — you’re a booty text.

Systems thinking used in conjunction with scenario planning leads to plausible scenario story lines because the causal relationship between factors can be demonstrated.

In these cases when scenario planning is integrated with a systems thinking approach to scenario development, it is sometimes referred to as dynamic scenarios.

Playing the field is fun, as there is no need to have to worry about handling questions about your future — you can relax. If you’ve been dating after two months and have any doubt as to whether he’s still "on the market", then yes, talk about it — that’s not clingy.