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In 2015 she became the most-searched porn star on, which is by many accounts the most-watched porn site on the Internet.That notoriety—and the lines from the Lebanese National Anthem inked on her wrist, prominent in her videos—has brought her plenty of attention, including by Lebanese critics and newspapers that shun and threaten her, according to an interview with .Anyone posting unlicenced content will have their links removed, find themselves blacklisted and we will notifie the proper authorities.

, a finalist in the 11th FILMSshort competition, could be classed as a horror, but is more disturbing than horrific.

Having been killed in a road accident, a man finds himself bodiless and faced with a group of gatekeepers, who were once human but are now something else.

Mia is quick to take the praise and reject the critics, always owning her decisions and embracing her lifestyle.

In response to a tweet saying, “Someone needs to save Mia Khalifa …

Others were just fun contest games with hot girls like "Miss Las Vegas", "The Vegas Wash" and "Lady Luck".