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Additionally, single members in the United States over 30 who reported drinking often also had more friends (56 more friends to be exact) along with social circles that are 30% larger than nondrinkers. - Men that drink socially in Australia are nearly 3x as likely to be contacted compared to women that drink socially in India.

We know singles in the United States indulge when it comes to alcohol consumption, and they seem to be looking for a mate that feels the same, so this got us thinking: what role does alcohol play in online dating on a global scale?

In 2012, Wozniacki became an endorser of Compeed Blister Patch.

At the end of 2013 she switched her racquet sponsorship from Yonex back to her long-time partner Babolat.

Finland – 1.4% of singles drink often Once we established the countries with the heaviest drinkers, we took it a step further and analyzed over 1.5 million interactions between singles around the world to determine how likely a male member was to contact a female member based on her drinking behavior, and vice versa.