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This UK senior dating site is exclusively for people aged fifty and over.

At this very successful 50 plus dating site there are plenty of older singles looking for people aged 50 and over.

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In fact, celebrities do it all the time and no one even blinks an eye, and they don’t stick with a few years difference, either. So cheer up all you young guys who dream of having a relationship with an older woman. What is there not to like when a younger man flirts or winks at you, or even gives you the ‘once-over? In this day and age relationships between younger guys and older women are more common than you might think! Remember-older women are wise and experienced, so don’t try to fool them. Do older women like younger men because it makes them feel good to be seen with a man years younger? Being seen in the company of a good looking, virile young man does wonders for the ego! Good looks and ego aside the two of you may find that you have a ton of common interests especially if she has a young mind-set and enjoys doing the same things you do! Now this doesn’t mean hitting on your best friends mom just because you think she’s hot (although if she is single there is no reason not to unless your friend has objections-and he probably will). Do older women like younger men who have a great sense of humor? Do older women like younger men who can laugh at themselves? Older women appreciate the attention and flattery they get from a young admirer as long as he is sincere about it-and believe me when I say we can tell a mile away if some young guy is talking a load of baloney!