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Looking for casual sex, or do you just want to see a bunch of Nunavummiut penises? If you cater to specific fetishes, Nunavummiut are out in droves on Fetlife, an online kink community.

The moment the first connection appeared, I freaked out and tried to disable my phone and rip the battery out. Now Tinder is not the only option when it comes to online dating in Nunavut.

Tinder is unique in that it requires an advanced smartphone and faith in the stability of the Iqaluit cell system.

I'm not interested in meeting women that go to bars and clubs.

I like girls who love Jesus and floss their teeth every night. One of the simple things in life I enjoy most is watching bright deep green tree leaves swaying in the breeze against a clear blue sky in the middle of summer.

Nunavummiut are represented across the spectrum of dating possibilities.