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We can probably agree that not all dates go as expected.

Why should you have to sit through another bad date?

They've lied really bad about age/height/weight and when you meet them it will be obvious so they don't want to meet.4. You'd maybe be surprised at a lady's reaction when a guy actually steps up and says why he's not interested.

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But when passwords get busted, even on Facebook, not everyone is whom they're pretending to be.

Like a Nigerian scammer, posing only slightly convincingly as one of your real-life friends, trying to get you to send them a $900 wire transfer.

that really sucks Calvin: can you loam me now Evan: well maybe i don't know that's a lot of $ Calvin: how can you loan me?

Evan: what do you want me to do Calvin: i want you to loan me $900 Calvin: i promise i pay you back Evan: how do you want me to loan it to you? Calvin: Shawnee Mission Northwest High '01 Evan: what?

.you can almost bet that when a guy does step up and say he's not interested; he hasn't heard the last of it. Eventually the other party will realize they're just not going to get to first base here..they skip merrily along. Taking time to get to know people before going out isn't such a bad thing.