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Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he has forbidden his teenage children to get involved romantically with any of David and Victoria Beckham's children.

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This will load all the Order items into “Unpicked items” section of the screen.

Next, scan the barcode of each picked item, and let Picking Pal go to work.

Back in April, we rounded up a slew of outstanding celebrity-created Dubsmash videos that had us either ROFLing (because of sheer silliness) or OMGing (because they were so impeccably done).

Now it's September, and famous folk -- actually, As a result, there are tons and tons more vids to parcel through and rank in order of pure hilarity. out there, someone needs to rise to the top and be crowned Dubsmasher Supreme.

This is an important thing to do, especially since with so.