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Both share qualities akin to the aesthetics of Renaissance art.

The main focus in these paintings is in the symbolism accompanying the lion and a modern Middle Eastern perspective critiquing women in Renaissance Art.

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Mariam's artworks aim to challenge if not reverse the roles where the female turns from being an object of neither holiness nor desire into a confrontational mortal character."Army of Mariam" is a sculpture installation that forms a representation of the power and will of women.

As a female artist, birth can be seen as analogous to creation. The "army" is an army of women, which is something that essentially doesn't exist, or at least doesn't exist in terms of the pejorative associations we have with an army.

The Victory is an 800cmx300cm Charcoal drawing and was commissioned by Shiakha Mai Al Khalifa for her private collection to be exhibited at Bahrain's first participation in the Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale 2013.

It is inspired by Regnault, Henri with his 1868, Automedon With the Horses of Achilles and so the Victory becomes a reinterpretation of a heroic figure with horses.

The artist uses strong symbolism with intentionality to speak about the Female Condition.