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Facilitated by the Anti-Violence Program of Out Front Minnesota and meets weekly at the Minneapolis offices of Out Front Minnesota. LGBTQ Survivors LGBTQ Survivors of Partner Violence Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Survivors Transgender Survivors - Mike Lew One Student Providing students and their allies with programs, resources, and opportunities to address sexual violence.

Find other organizations working to end sexual violence Pandora's Project Offers a message board and chat room, free lending library, and numerous articles and resources. Has links to handouts on healthy sexuality after sexual assault, as well as many other issues concerning sexual assault.

The second photo showed the girl topless and wearing the same underwear, but her hair was covering her breasts.“What’s the difference between sending these photographs and someone sending photographs of themselves in a bathing suit to their significant other," said Glen Downey, a Des Moines civil rights attorney representing the family.

Pseudonyms are used to identify the girl and her family in the lawsuit in an effort to protect her identity, Downey said.

The core of their organization is a support group, message board, and chat room where victims and survivors come together online in a mutually supportive and safe environment.