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Thanks to new laws and evolving sexual mores, divorce rates were climbing.

Around the same time, VHS and Betamax tapes became widely available, enabling people to record and watch themselves without needing to invest in prohibitively expensive equipment.

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Black won the maximum amount allowed in small claims, $7,500 plus $110 in court costs, which still leaves him about $1,000 short of what he spent on the service. "I mean I never in my wildest dreams would've paid so much money, especially upfront, trusting that their service maybe would've delivered anything of value to me," Black said.

The Problem Solvers approached Mc Dowell as she came to work one morning in early February, but she refused to answer any questions.

"She decided she didn’t want to be talking to the press," said Black, one of several customers who have filed complaints against Mile High Singles with the Colorado Attorney General's Office.

They're complaining of deceptive sales practices and a membership database where half or more of the so-called members are listed as "inactive" meaning, they're not even available to date. I thought I was paying $119.80, which is on their paperwork. It says total due today $119.80." The contract shows that amount, but there's another page that says $8,395, though Black said he thought that additional amount was only due over the course of three years if he stayed with the service.

"Part of me feels a little let down because I wanted to confront this person and say,' Hey, what is it you're doing to these people? Collecting from Mile High Singles might be a new challenge for Black.

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