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Lucifer represents honor and respect for gods of old, as well as PAGAN spiritual heritage.[1] America’s global ILLUMINATI gay agenda has very little to do with civil rights.

It is essentially a secret revival of archaic–barbaric esoteric spirituality and androgynous sexuality led by President Barack Obama and elite Satanic Cabals.

Pam and Mark Crawford say surgeons in Charleston and Greenville performed unnecessary sex assignment surgery on their son — named M. They left that question open.”MUSC attorneys would not comment on this case specifically, but a spokeswoman for the hospital said, “If at any time there is controversy or disagreement about a care plan, the case can be referred to that ethics committee for a decision.”A spokeswoman for Greenville Hospital System declined to comment on the case.

was born with both male and female reproductive organs, but “there was no medical necessity to remove any of his genital tissue,” his adoptive parents said in their lawsuit. He’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life,” said attorney Anne Tamar-Mattis, the legal director for Advocates for Informed Choice. Defense lawyers successfully argued that doctors weren’t aware when they operated that they may have violated M.

The extent of genetic variation in a population often relates to its breeding system.

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