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Well, I get to really supervise the whole thing, which was super exciting for me, because I've never gotten to do that. It's a really weird show, obviously, and I was almost afraid to tell him about it. So the most thrilling part of TV for me is that I get to collaborate with all these really incredibly talented people.

I wrote or co-wrote most of the episodes, and I had a really incredible writing staff that I worked with: Ian Maxtone-Graham, who's one of my idols from So it was a really great staff and it was so much fun to write with them. I trust Lorne so much what works in TV and film; I was worried that I'd tell him about it and he would tell me it was insane, that it would be crazy to pursue it. Much of the show – and the book as well – has this kind of surrealist version of scenarios that are painfully true.

On October 21st, just three weeks after signing the document, he informed his generals that they should begin planning for "the liquidation of the remainder of Czechoslovakia." Hitler had promised British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the German people that the Sudetenland would be his "last territorial demand" in Europe. And Hitler now wanted to grab the remainder of Czechoslovakia due to its strategic importance.

By now, the Nazis had perfected the art of stealing neighboring territory.

They rarely appeared in public together and few Germans even knew of her existence.