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So anyway I am a female and it's been a long time since I've had sex... I know it would be quite easy to find a ONS or a FWB but the problem is I can't seperate sex and emotions and trust is an important aspect for me too.

No guys are asking me out on dates let alone to be in a relationship so it may be a while before I get a boyfriend, if ever.

The conversation flowed with some obvious flirting and as the night went on a few tequila shots were had - there were a few cheeky moments - but all in all a first date that would rate 12A on a cinema certificate at most. Even if your chastity belt is wound so tightly you can barely breathe you could use an app like Tinder to meet people - just with a little more dilligence than the 'free love' type.

Depending on your own intentions, you'll be able to decipher which characters are in it for the banter, the bang or both.

If the producer has any concerns about either party's ability to give consent, they can refuse.