Intersex chat life

Intersex chat life

hey, i am 38, as i write this, i have yet to meet anyone like me. I've been chatting with this beautiful Nurse all night and she's funny!!! I split with my honey..that's over because I really like this beautiful Woman.

i have issues with my body that are pushing this disability to the focal point in my life. She has good vibes about her and even gave me a back rub when... i dont know how to put this, without offending the masses, but i am not offering support to them either, only to the few, like me, who cannot find support untainted by society's push to normalize everyone.

Instead, our collective fear of someone finding out who, and what we really were, had me feeling trapped – again.

To examine the impact of our movement’s whiteness, and give our movement an opportunity to reflect on the ways we may have inadvertently contributed to anti-blackness, I called up and interviewed two of my friends, who are Black intersex activists named Lynnell Stephani Long and Sean Saifa Wall.

The two terms have been used synonymously before the mid-years of the last century.