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Some women, like Vanessa Bryant, choose to stay after a cheating scandal, while other wives, like Eva Longoria, have walked away from their philandering fellas.

But even if their men don't cheat, basketball players' wives have to agree to a life where their partners are gone for a large chunk of the year.

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It also didn't hurt that Vikander, a new favorite of the fashion set, showed off impeccably chic style.

Your favorite funny girl started off the year with a new love interest, whom she reportedly found via Bumble.

Being married to an NBA star might seem like it would be all about perks and the lap of luxury, but the real life of a basketball wife isn't always so glamorous.

Many basketball wives face challenges that other women, who are not married to man in the limelight, do not face.

Nassau Wellness, in Garden City, New York, tells Yahoo Health. " data-reactid="22"“I define emotional infidelity as any relationship that occurs outside of one’s primary relationship, where the communication focuses on fulfilling intimate emotional needs, sharing vulnerabilities and fantasies, [or] meeting needs for attention and validation in an amorous way,” Marina Voron, LMFT, co-founder and clinical director of Nassau Wellness, in Garden City, New York, tells Yahoo Health.