Issues arise concerned with consilidating departments

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Ground handling services do not include security services or the operation or management of centralised airport infrastructure, such as baggage handling systems, de-icing facilities, fuel distribution systems, or intra-airport transport systems; ICSID means the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes; ICSID Additional Facility Rules means the done at Washington on 18 March 1965;intellectual property rights means copyright and related rights, trademark rights, rights in geographical indications, rights in industrial designs, patent rights, rights in layout designs of integrated circuits, rights in relation to protection of undisclosed information, and plant breeders' rights; and, if such rights are provided by a Party's law, utility model rights.

The CETA Joint Committee may, by decision, add other categories of intellectual property to this definition;investment means every kind of asset that an investor owns or controls, directly or indirectly, that has the characteristics of an investment, which includes a certain duration and other characteristics such as the commitment of capital or other resources, the expectation of gain or profit, or the assumption of risk.

Laws on the sale of real estate and the sale of services are different from laws on the sale of goods, and they are excluded from Article 2.