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In one scene of the first movie, Sally recalls as far back as 40 years earlier, when things were different.

Although we don't see her in the flashback all other Radiator Springs folks are there and ... SE In Escape to Witch Mountain (1975), around 1h 19m, there is scene with helicopter (Hughes MD500) in inverted flight which lands upside down and keep spinning. In the twilight zone episode the dummy, there's a scene where "Jerry and Willie" (Robertson's character and the titular ventriloquist dummy) are performing and it looks like the actors lips move a bit ...

This movie is about writer who is working at a Puerto Rican newspaper in the 1960s, who also failed to reveal some information about his boss to public. I remember the movie where Chiranjeevi is the older brother and gets married to Rekha and his younger brother who is probably Don no 1 hero gets married too with a arrogant girl (don't remember the ... In The Mummy (1959), Isobel is John Banning's wife, he noticed his wife's face looks almost like Princess Ananka's, including her hair style being similar. He saves what appears to be a random boy's life for no apparent reason, helps him seek revenge twenty years later on ...

In The Rum Diary (2011), Paul has to take an interview from the Mayor who will arrive at the Airport, But the Mayor's plane got cancelled.

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