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Mbau's father Menzi Mcunu was not married to her mother at the time as the couple was only dating.

Mcunu had no claim to the child but he named her nevertheless: Khanyisile, one who brings light. Lynette soon left baby Khanyi with her parents in Mofolo, Soweto and returned to work. Mbau’s grandparents were very Western in the way they dressed and saw the world.

She also knows about reinvention – the Khanyi of 2016 is quite different from TV’s Kideo kid (which she was until she was 11) or the trash-bling celebrity she was in the noughties.

She muses about how she was destined to have the life she’s had – a product of history and of personal circumstance.

Khanyisile Mbau was born at Florence Nightingale Hospital in Hillbrow in Johannesburg on the evening of October 15, 1985.