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As the three are friends, they were asked a number of questions where they had to pick which of them fit the description most.

In response to the twitter question “Which of you has the most game?

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According to K-pop group BESTie, there is a reason why dating is considered a bit of a touchy issue for K-pop idols.

In the latest episode of the Viceland series Noisey, Zach Goldbaum talked to the girls about a variety of topics, before bringing up the subject of how being an idol has affected their personal lives.

", "I'm so sick of this", "She's obviously just bursting the bubbles, not waving."What are your thoughts on the rumors dug up by netizens about Jimin and Seulgi? I don't know if it's a coincidence or anything but jimin started to change at the same time the rumour started.

And I've also dreamed of them two hugging each other (erased).

Surprise: K-pop idols are generally tight-lipped about their love life but Girls' Generation's Sunny (fourth from left) shared about her celebrity beau which caused further speculation as to who it could be.