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The secret Las Vegas marriages of two Heavenly Kings and a pop princess have come to light in one weekend, after the death of the father of Lau's companion, Carol Choo, sparked queries about the star's marital status.The star, who had always said his fans would hear from him first if ever he married, told them he was 'ashamed' that he had not kept his word.

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Hours after the report about his marriage to Choo, 43, he posted an apology to his fans on his Andy World Club site.

Lau has confirmed his marriage on his website and said he tied the knot with Choo in June last year so that the couple, who are childless, would qualify for fertility treatment in Hong Kong.

; Boli zhi cheng) is a 1998 Hong Kong film, directed by Mabel Cheung.

The story of man and ex-girlfriend found dead after a car crash and how their children come together to retell the story.

Given the same name as the wildly popular Japanese drama, this romance from Wong Jing implies a compelling love story.