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He committed suicide in an Amanda Park motel near Quinault in 2001.

A few plots down, in another unmarked grave, is a man whose body washed onto a Grayland beach in 1997. If he had any clothes or identification, the ocean ripped those clues away before his decomposed body was discovered.

While there were different interpretations of what was actually written on the hand, almost definitely was WSR. Two of them were blue in color, one was blue & tan plaid.

The handles had been cut off of the suitcases before they were dropped at the site and the zippers had been painted with flat black paint.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown eyes; brown hair. She had a small circular mole above her left eye, a mole on her left cheek and a 5.5" scar on her left leg, just above the heel. It is possible that the moles on her face developed at some time during her pregnancy.