Marissa tomei dating

It’s a good sign that this show can weather this loss as there are enough rich characters and stories to tell even in her absence.

Rachel Bilson will also be joining to flesh things out.

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I have two sisters, so I grew up in a female-dominated environment. I always got uncomfortable when there were no women around.

2008 - Present Marisa Tomei has been dating actor Logan Marshall Green since 2008, and they've been even been spotted riding a tandem bicycle together.

Last year there were rumors that she was engaged to actor Logan Marshall-Green, who was 12 years younger.

But a rep for the actress was quick to dispel the rumor.

Tomei has appeared in a number of financially successful movies, including What Women Want (2000), Anger Management (2003), Wild Hogs (2007), and Parental Guidance (2012).