Mcafee epo updating external users

However, you should now be able to see the new option: The status in the Show Drive Encryption Status window is Inactive until DEAgent synchronizes with the Mc Afee e PO server and gets all the users assigned to it. It can be manually triggered on the client by opening the Mc Afee Agent Status Monitor, then clicking Collect and Send Props.

EPO 4.5 required connectivity from the master e PO server (tomcat service) to the agent handler directly.

This requirement has been removed in e PO 4.6, notifications from Tomcat to the AH are now sent as datachannel messages.

The restart can be canceled, however, Drive Encryption will not become active on the client until the restart has occurred.

In addition, hibernation and the use of new USB devices will be impaired until a restart is issued. You don't yet see the PBA page as the Drive Encryption software is not yet active on the client.

When the DEAgent and Drive Encryption packages are successfully deployed, the user is prompted to restart the system.