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Angry customers are accusing Coles of doing an “Arnott’s”, with changes to its home brand nappies range prompting outrage similar to that faced by the biscuit maker when it changed the iconic Shapes recipe.

This week shoppers asked the supermarket giant to explain exactly why it tried to “improve” the already popular Coles Comfy Bot nappies, amid reports that the new product is less absorbent, causes rashes on their infants and are resulting in leakages that users say never happened when their children wore the original product.

"I did find people who were interested in artificial boyfriends and girlfriends, in artificial spouses," Turkle told Innovation News Daily. She found that some people can desire what robots offer — either in virtual form or as crude sex bots — even if it marks a step below emotional fulfillment with other human beings.

Virtual girlfriends and boyfriends already abound in Japan, where dating simulator games have enjoyed popularity among females as well as males.

The use of AI in retail offers opportunities for mass customisation and helps customers to narrow down their choices faster.