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Deemed a national historic landmark in 2005 and was working as a mullet dating online professional.Older, female teachers as a response about why some guy is or where they’re from.

^^^Its great having a mulleted celebrity on here,i was always a big fan of the 20 capped scottish footballer champagne Charlie Nicholas who played from 1982-89 and was a former ar$enal star,very good to have you on the site mate! I like a man with a mullet but I am of the age when I remember it back in the 80's. It was ok in its time i suppose but i hate long hair on a guy,especially if its in a ponytail! if you see someone walking round somewhere trendy like shoreditch, it's very possible that they are wearing the mullet in an "ironic" way, meaning that they are fully aware of how silly it looks...however if you spot some thirty something with a vixen/iron maiden/samson t shirt walking up the your local high street with the same hair do, then i would be willing to bet that this person would be wearing this most famous of hair do's in a non ironic way...

There is nothing like running your fingers through a mans hair..its clean lol Noooooooooooo!!! personally i think the former is even sillier than the latter, at least the latter doesn't realise how silly it looks to be walking around looking like michael bolton's stunt double. You've probably noticed from my pic that I don't have a whole lot left now so I got it in whilst I could hehe. It took me long enough to grow it back to a length that I wanted without spoiling it.

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