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Titillated at the prospect of “no strings attached” sexual encounters, students across the country are increasingly joining college hookup networks, the majority of which are modeled after the original site, UChicago Chagrined by their school’s unofficial motto, “where fun comes to die,” a handful of University of Chicago undergraduates created the first college-only site to help fellow students “find casual sexual encounters and campus entertainment events,” according to their Web page.

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According to a recent barrage of news stories, apps like Tinder have turned dating into a dehumanizing form of online shopping, catalyzing some sort of sexual Armageddon and the death of courtship itself. So if you have a very unrestricted sociosexuality—meaning you want a lot of casual sex and novelty—then Tinder is perfect for you.

Casual sex has become too easy, the consensus seems to be, preventing young people from making meaningful connections and turning us into sex-crazed, diseased sociopaths speeding toward a broken, lonely future. One guy has slept with five different women from Tinder—his “Tinderellas”—over the previous eight days, another with “30 to 40 women in the last year.” They can’t remember some of the girls’ names, and they brag about how little money and effort these “dates” cost them.

Rebranding the school as a “place where fun comes to thrive,” and promising that,“chastity is curable if detected early,” the creators enjoyed immediate success after UChicago Hookup’s launch in March 2011.

Within a week, the site had over 300 registered users and has only grown since, eventually boasting a network of thousands.

Or it could even be the guy you've been on a couple dates with and by now feel obligated to "put out" more. When we have any kind of physical exchange with a guy from cuddling to having sex, we release the bonding hormone oxytocin.