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I wrote recently of my early adventures in the wild world of online dating. I may be bitter (or irreverent or sardonic or rude). I find that men that are my age, and are interested in the kinds of things I am, are dating younger women.

To say that my take was a subjective one is a massive understatement. Dudes taking photos of themselves in the car while wearing mirror sunglasses . I find that men that are older than me are mostly boring and creepy.

Unfortunately, it was really, painfully boring, and not the least bit adventurous. I'd really like to know, since I'm getting pretty bored at the moment. Putting a whole pack of Nerds in a 2-liter bottle of Coke and letting it rip in a crowd of people. Willing to join her man on adventures, going to new places or trying new things whose outcome is uncertain and potentially exciting or really fun.

I suspect it's mostly just like everything else that people write into their profiles: they HEAR other people say it, and it sounds like something that they OUGHT to say to be found attractive, so they say it too."Adventurous" is coded female double-speak. Or able to do all of that on her own, definitely not the sit at home and watch TV type. The term adventurous leaves room for multiple interpretation. It is strategically used to express interest in sexual activity, without saying it directly (avoiding the bad reputation and avoiding overtly sexual responses)Pretty accurate, no? I tend to avoid people who use buzz words instead of expressing themselves bluntly.

She is a beautiful, successful, young woman building her life in the greatest city in the world. Yup, at 48 years of age I am dating for the first time in my life. I’m not a Luddite nor am I culturally ignorant, but I have decidedly lived more of my life in the physical world than the digital one, so I was pretty unsure about how to go about it and what I might be getting into. Unfortunately, before I was able to see if there could be more to it, he found his Astronaut Mike Dexter, or his Kriss or maybe he just didn’t want to tell me that he didn’t like my thumb ring.

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    Most of the disasters that occur are mild- someone disappearing but being found within a few days, a young couple losing a baby, an argument that causes a group of lifelong friends to split.

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    The trends of shorthand peaked with the 3-in-1 golden question, “ASL”, meaning Age, Sex and Location.