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I couldn't keep taking my moms pantyhose,because she would start missing them.Around that time I started cutting grass to earn money,and what did I do with that money?

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Pantyhose mature chat

Some camgirls gag themselves with a panty or use it for bondage gear like this chick having pantyhose sex.

They can also be used to tease a wet pussy or a throbbing huge cock and a nylon footjob always makes a nice change if you grow tired with the missionary position.

Now I'm about 12 and since then I discovered pantyhose!!

I loved the way they felt on my legs and my cock, I would cum in them when ever I got the chance,and I'd always lick the cum off of my fingers.

and panties all the time love the feel I get very stiff when in em and dosnt take long for pre *** to start love to feel it seaping through my pantyhose and panties my ultimate is to let another man slip his hand down my pantyhose and panties and finish me off Support with a pair of 6" inseam mens shorts(Olive colored). This was the 7th time I have done this and I got my first comment today.