Parents beat daughter for dating black man Chatbab

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Meet Jane Champion she is the teenager who was the victim of severely assaulted by her parents who thought she brought shame to their family because she was dating a black man identified as Aflonce Ncube. Thomas, Swansea is the daughter of 47-year-old Frances Champion and 50-year-old David Champion, she also happens to be the girlfriend of young Aflonce Ncube.

Jane graduated in 2010 from Cefn Hengoed community school in Swansea, she is currently enrolled at Swansea university. Ncube worked a restaurant where he was victim of racial aggravated assault and racial abuse by his girlfriends parents who yelled the most horrible racial insults.

During Jane Champion’s assault her mother and father allegedly shouted “vile” racist remarks about her boyfriend, Aflonce Ncube, the Daily Mail reports.

Frances and David Champion were convicted on assault charges relating to beating their daughter Jane Champion in the face, grabbing her around the throat, by the hair and leaving her body bruised.

But with paparazzi everywhere, these little know children (many now adults) managed to step into public view.