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This guide exists to help you locate the nearest coloring club in the United States.

Coloring is more fun when you do it in the company of friends!

How many times have you tried dating someone you met in a bar or one of the many night clubs in Philly, only to be disappointed when you learn that they didn’t want a relationship but just a random fling? What if there was a way to meet people that were on the same page as you and were ready for a solid relationship?

Now, don’t get us wrong, there are people out there who want relationships in Pennsylvania, but sometimes it can be a challenge meeting them.

Before 2006-07, hunting participants needed to take and successfully pass a Hunter Trapper Education safety course and were able to hunt with a junior license at age 12 and with a senior license at age 16, kind of like driving an automobile but eligible at a younger age. In hunting, we use the term "harvesting" because it represents a conscious conservation effort to explain how we attempt to maintain a balance between the animal population and animal habitat and food supply.