Polygamist dating rituals

If a woman does this faithfully, her husband may invite her to join him in the Celestial Kingdom.A woman's eternal fate depends on keeping this Principle.“I wanted to be able to tell it like it is,” Spencer says in her book.

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Those still practicing plural marriage, termed fundamentalists, believe in attaining God-like status based on the number of wives and children a man possesses.

and prohibited by the mainline Mormon church in 1890, the practice of polygamy still survives today and, in fact, may be on the verge of a resurgence.

Bigamy Entering into a marriage when either partner is still legally married to another.

Bigamy is illegal in Australia and the accused can face a five year sentence.

A few months later, the government raided one of the polygamists’ camps at Short Creek, Arizona, and the Le Barons fled to Mexico, joining Verlan’s fundamentalist brothers Joel and Ervil.