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So mark your calendars for the camp of your choice and the opening day of registration to be sure and get your registration deposits in early.

CALDWELL -- A local man who as a 12-year-old sexually assaulted and strangled a 5-year-old girl is back in the Canyon County Jail, charged with violating his probation in that case.

In early January, Ford, who has the email accounts of his two children synced to his phone, noticed a subject line on a message intended for his daughter that read, “Hey sexy.”He immediately took over the account and discovered the sender was a man his daughter had met on, a social networking site that allows users to upload animated images of themselves.

Browsing through their chat history, Ford could see the man had been complimenting his daughter’s appearance.“He was basically grooming her,” he said.

Barringer is an 8th grade algebra teacher at China Grove Middle School, where he is also the school's Athletic Director.