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His grey pinstripe suit may be made by Brioni, the fine Italian tailors, but his watch is a very ordinary-looking plain dial with a leather strap.His black leather loafers are shiny, but no more brilliant than any other self-respecting Mexican businessman’s.

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You well know how paparazzis are…one never know when to believe a celebrity “story” or not……in any case…this is what the news are saying….

Queen Noor seems to be dating Mr Carlos Slim a Mexican billionaire……I have found good comments and good wishes for the couple and others dont agree with Queen Noor!!!

It is the definition of a “money no object” collection.

Why She Sizzles: Since her husband’s death in 1999, Queen Noor has remained active in global peace efforts.

If Zara seems distracted, it might be she's worried about the eerie crop circles that put Barbury Castle in the news last summer.