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At 30, and just divorced from Scorsese, she became the international face of Lancome, an enduring relationship for fourteen years.

Previously unheard of in a fickle industry obsessed with youth.

At least he was the first of her boyfriends the press got interested in, at least in my country. How sad that he died so youn and this way...:( Vanesa. Ever wonder how PC would have been different if she had stayed with Junot or if Stephano had lived?

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Princess Caroline of Monaco's husband is Prince Ernst August Of Hannover.

Princess Caroline of Monaco has had 5 public relationships dating back to 1996.

Caroline is said to have divided her time for the past three to six months sans husband, between her villa on the Rock, also known as Monacoville, and her house in St. Her 10-year-old daughter by Ernst, Princess Alexandra, has been enrolled in school in Monaco.

Caroline’s children by her first marriage, Pierre, Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi, now grown, also live in Monte Carlo although they are rarely there.

In India, Harisadhan Dasgupta had reacted by registering a police FIR for his missing wife.