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This deceiving word play is copied by teenagers in the present day.They also talk themselves out of a tuff situation by misleading whoever they are talking to.

Well, recently this boy has been texting my daughter that he loves her.

I check my daughter's emails and Facebook and she knows this, so this isn't the main problem between us.

He gets mad at my daughter if she talks to her male friends. I have not said anything to my daughter yet about my opinion even though she has confided in me about some of this boy's demands. You asked if it is normal for a 13-year-old boy to express his love to a girlfriend.

He also -- get this -- got jealous when she attended her 11-year-old brother's birthday party, asking her if she found any of these boys cute. Even more recently, he has started texting my daughter repeatedly asking for her whereabouts. My husband says to let it go -- that this is puppy love and that if I push her to get away from this boy that that will only make her want him more. A Concerned Mother Dear Mother, First let me say that I am always happy when parents are talking to each other and not tuning each other out and making unilateral decisions. It's not entirely unusual these days that kids say things on technology that they wouldn't say in person.

Technologically-delivered messages give them a feeling of anonymity and when people feel anonymous, they say and do things that they wouldn't otherwise wouldn't. This boy is possessive, a bit obsessive and jealous. This is not what puppy love should be comprised of.